Weingarten’s Most Eligible Spaces

Weingarten’s Most Eligible Spaces

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re showing some love to some of our Most Eligible spaces available across the Weingarten Realty portfolio! Think you are the perfect fit after perusing their profiles? Contact their matchmakers today!

Central Region


market at westchase



Market at Westchase
Houston, TX
16,686 SF – Big Box
Best Traits: Physically fit and Inner-looper
Favorite Things: People-watching and cooking
Perfect Match: Grocery Store
Matchmaker: Christi Davis at ChristiDavis@Weingarten.com

baybrook gateway Baybrook Gateway
Webster, TX
6,215 SF
Best Traits: Stable and Successful
Favorite Things: Getting gifts from nearby jewelry stores 💍
Perfect Match: Long-term relationship
Matchmaker: Carrie Murray at CMurray@Weingarten.com
tomball marketplace Tomball Marketplace
Tomball, TX
7,850 SF – Shops Building
Best Traits: Young and Vibrant
Favorite Things:
Perfect Match: Family-friendly restaurant
Matchmaker: Brad Kilbride at BKilbride@Weingarten.com
river oaks shopping center River Oaks Shopping Center
Houston, TX
6,644 SF  (Will Divide)
Best Traits: Flexible and Open-minded
Favorite Things: Exploring the beautiful neighborhood and being surrounded by successful people
Perfect Match: Boutique or Gift Shop
Matchmaker: John Wise at JWise@Weingarten.com

Mid-Atlantic Region

six forks station


Six Forks Station
Raleigh, NC

8,640 SF – Coming Available
Best Traits: Positive outlook and Goal-oriented
Favorite Things: College sports
Perfect Match: Drug store or pharmacy
Matchmaker: Jimmy Conder at JConder@Weingarten.com

 Ridgeway Trace Center
Memphis, TN
18,000 and 18,671 SF – Anchors
Best Traits: Leader and Muscular
Favorite Things: Listening to live music in Memphis
Perfect Match: Fitness Center or Bix Box Retailer
Matchmaker: Shannon Mullinax at SMullinax@Weingarten.com
 Brownsville Commons
Powder Springs, GA
1,500 SF – Endcap
Best Traits: Family-oriented and well-traveled
Favorite Things: Life in the peaceful suburbs
Perfect Match: Salon
Matchmaker: Kelly Hand at KHand@Weingarten.com

Southeast Region


office space



Marketplace at Dr. Phillips

Orlando, FL
665 – 3,862 SF Office Space
Best Traits: Studious and Career-driven
Favorite Things: Trying different restaurants during lunch break and networking
Perfect Match: An entrepreneur 
Matchmaker: Alex Evans at AEvans@Weingarten.com

Countryside Centre
Clearwater, FL
5,782 SF – Endcap
Best Traits: Extrovert and great eyes
Favorite Things: Long walks around the nearby ponds
Perfect Match: Shoe store
Matchmaker: Patrick Frease at PFrease@Weingarten.com
 Flamingo Pines
Pembroke Pines, FL

4,800 SF – Future Outparcel
Best Traits: Ambitious and Optimistic
Favorite Things: The Florida sunshine
Perfect Match: Restaurant or Medical Use 
Matchmaker: Nicole Townsend at NTownsend@Weingarten.com
chiropractor office Vizcaya Square
Plantation, FL
1,057 SF – Former Chiropractor Office
Best Traits: Established and Passionate about Career
Favorite Things: Reading and learning new things
Perfect Match: Someone in the medical field
Matchmaker: Daniel Gardner at DGardner@Weingarten.com

Mountain Region


scottsdale horizon



Scottsdale Horizon
Scottsdale, AZ

1,811 SF – Former Bar/Restaurant
Best Traits: Outdoorsy and Fun loving
Favorite Things:  Exercising and drinking green juice
Perfect Match: Brewery 
Matchmaker: Brooke Harvey at BHarvey@Weingarten.com

Aurora City Place
Aurora, CO
4,814 SF – Freestanding building 
Best Traits: Independent and Outgoing
Favorite Things: Meeting new people and shopping at Target
Perfect Match: Local restaurant 
Matchmaker: Heather Wiseman at HWiseman@Weingarten.com

Western Region



Queen Anne Marketplace
Seattle, WA
1,314 and 1,406 SF  (Can combine)
Best Traits: Creative and Friendly
Favorite Things: Taking photos at the mural next door
Perfect Match: Snazzy clothing store 
Matchmaker: Andy Armstrong at AArmstrong@Weingarten.com

8000 Sunset Strip
Los Angeles, CA
2,571 SF – Coming Available
Best Traits: Trendy and Gregarious
Favorite Things: Running into celebrities and exploring West Hollywood
Perfect Match: 5-Star Restaurant
Matchmaker: Collin Bennett at CBennett@Weingarten.com