Taking High Quality Property Photos

Taking High Quality Property Photos

How to Take High-Quality Property Photos 

Having high-caliber property photos is an important aspect of commercial real estate in many ways, with the most important being to attract brokers and tenants. A key element in determining whether or not a property or space is a good fit for someone, is the quality and condition of the property or space. This initial judgement is based almost solely on the composition of the property photos. When you don’t have the option to use a professional photographer, utilize these tips when getting behind the camera.

Photography Tips

  1. Take note of the direction of the sun. Most properties will look best when the sun is low and shining on the building.

    Great interior photo taken by Weingarten Realty Leasing Executive, John Wise.
  2. When photographing the inside of a property, avoid facing the camera towards windows. Instead, use natural light from the windows in order to capture the space, then adjust brightness as needing.
  3. Lock focus before adjusting the brightness in order to maintain the focus while you are figuring out which lighting looks the best in the given situation.
  4. Photos of the outside of a property are better taken from a side angle. Avoid taking the photo straight on – instead move to one side of the storefront and align the

Smart Phone Settings

  1. Set iPhone camera settings to enable HDR—this will allow the photo to be taken with a greater contrast.
  2. Enable “grid” setting on camera—using a grid will make it easier to align horizontal or vertical lines and most importantly guide you in using “The Rule of Thirds” method for a more pleasing photo.
  3. Locking focus— this will help stabilize the photo in case you have any slight movements of the phone or of your hand.
  4. Adjusting the brightness—this will give you the ability to take a more appealing photo by fine-tuning the given lighting circumstances.
  5. Use “Burst” setting—perfect for an “action shot” on your phone camera. Burst increases the shutter speed (takes ten photos in one second) which minimizes the blurriness of a moving subject in the photo.