Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

tip tuesday - mentor A mentor is a great tool when starting a new business. A mentor is someone that can help you realize your career and life goals, give business advice, and has access to other connections. They can be a key to your success.

How do you go about looking for a mentor? Here are a few things to consider –

1. What area do you want to grow in?

Knowing the area in which you want to grow professionally (leadership, industry, public speaking) will help you find the right mentor.

2. Find someone you can look up to and who will take an interest in your career.

Find someone that is like you and has strengths and skills you want to emulate.

3.  Look in your own professional circle.

A mentor could be a former boss, professor, or family friend.

4.  Don’t force it.

Like any relationship, give it time and let it grow organically.

5. Add value.

Make it worth your mentors while and find out how you can be helpful to them.

6. Commit to the process.

Mentoring takes real time work. Commit to the relationship.