Expand your reach with Email Marketing

Expand your reach with Email Marketing

During a time when so many businesses are closed, a key to success is staying connected to your customers. While you may not be able to connect face to face, you can virtually.

Establishing a strong customer base is crucial for your business. Email marketing is an effective and affordable way to keep in touch with your loyal customers and reach potential prospects. Email marketing consists of collecting email addresses so that you can share news, promotions or events that your customers or prospects would be interested in.

Collecting Email Addresses 

Collecting email addresses from potential leads is the first step of email marketing. There are many ways to find people who are interested in joining your email list-

  • Create a signup form on your website
  • Use a signup sheet at your brick and mortar store or an event that you’re hosting
  • Share your signup form on social media

You want to build and maintain a mailing list made up of people who are engaged and are interested in the content you share.

Writing Email Content 

The email you are sending needs to serve a purpose, and align with what your customers are interested in. You can share information regarding sales and promotions, new products or services, industry news, events and more.

A few key elements to a strong email are:

  • A catchy subject line
  • A personalized intro
  • Short and concise message
  • Captivating images
  • A call to action
  • Links to your website and social media

Designing your Email

Presentation is everything. When you create visually appealing and compelling emails, people will want to read them and share them. Utilizing a professional email marketing solution like Mailchimp or Constant Contact is key. Both of these services off user-friendly email builders and hundreds of professional templates to get you started.

For a comprehensive guide to email design, visit Mailchimp.

Sending and Analyzing your Email

An email marketing tool not only allows you to design your email, but also schedule it out and analyze it’s success. Many studies note the best times to send an email, and tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact allow you to schedule your email for the exact time and date you want. The final step in your email marketing strategy is analyze the results once an email been sent.

The data you want to focus on is:

  • Open rate – The percentage of recipients that opened your email.
  • Click-through rate – The percentage of recipients that clicked on a URL in your email.
  • Bounce – An email that is sent unsuccessfully
  • Unsubscribe – A user who opted out of receiving your email

It’s as easy as pressing “send.”


*There are many resources for available for email marketing. We have only mentioned a few in this blog. Weingarten Realty does not endorse any of the businesses listed in this post.