Bursting the Bubble on Chewing Gum

Bursting the Bubble on Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a common habit for most, but what happens to gum once you are done chewing it?

Most gum is not disposed of properly, which is where the environmental problems begin. Whether it’s stuck on a sidewalk or underneath a school desk, gum is usually left where it doesn’t belong. It is believed that chewing gum is the 2nd most common form of litter after cigarette butts.

Chewing gum is not biodegradable because most are made from polymers, which are synthetic plastics. Gum will stay on surfaces forever if it is not removed manually, which can be costly and leave stains.

Not only does gum contribute to our landfills, but it is toxic to animals. Chewing gum can be mistaken for food and birds and other animals can die due to gum clogging their digestive systems. Gum can also end up in bodies of water, where fish consume the gum which creates toxins overtime.

Chewing gum disposal
Chewing Gum Disposal at The Palms at Town & Country

Weingarten Realty recognizes the importance of proper chewing gum disposal. At The Palms at Town & Country in Miami, FL, the property management team has taken action by placing chewing gum disposal units throughout the property. After noticing a lack of solutions, the team decided to design custom receptacles utilizing cigarette disposal canisters and decals that stated “Chewing Gum Disposal.” Twenty stations were placed at the Palms at Town & Country in high traffic areas prone to gum stains. There have been great results and the sidewalks have remained gum free! Weingarten Realty strives to be a steward of the environment and we are committed to reducing chewing gum litter across our properties.

The best way to prevent these environmental issues is to dispose of chewing gum properly, whether that be a trashcan or a gum receptacle.

Be a responsible chewer!